Special Issues

Special issues are themed to attract more attention towards a specific topic that is particularly current, or coincide with a conference or an event. The theme of the issue focus on the latest technology, research work or global happenings. An author proposes the special issue, gets an opportunity to become a lead guest editor. Researchers, academicians propose special issue for a journal to avail this opportunity.


A special issue is purposed to:

  • Collect papers at once under a specific theme
  • Help the researchers in advancement of a field which is at its early stage, by increasing its visibility worldwide
  • Provide the dedicated reviewing process and high quality research work.
  • Provide an opportunity to researchers to develop the clarity in the advanced research.

Gains from Special Issue

Special issue is an important component of a Journal. It emphasis on the emerging areas of a discipline under the scope of a journal.

There are the following benefits of proposing a Special issue.

  • Articles published in special issues gains more citations thus cause to float awareness about topics in the journal.
  • It gives an opportunity to new authors to participate and submit their work.
  • It helps the journal to build new group of readers and subscribers.
  • Increase the 'call for papers' tremendously.
  • Unusual topics that usually not gain any attention, increases the reader's interest and innovation in publication.
  • Broadens the scope of a journal by incorporating emerging sciences.
  • Provide an opportunity to authors to develop new research proposals.

Requirements to propose a Special Issue

We welcome all the researchers, medical practitioners and academicians to propose a special issue as per their research interests and expertise. We need your support for timely submission and release of the special issue.

The successful evaluation of the special issue proposal entitles the scholar to be designated as Special Issue Editor for that Special Issue Title.

The Special Issue proposal should have the following information:

  1. Provide Volume title and order of guest editors (names, titles, affiliations and contact information).
    • Single or double volume of articles do not exceed from 120 to 240 pages
    • Guest Editors should not exceed from three, for 'mega-projects' it should not be more than four
    • A "Home Editor" may also be suggested with your proposal otherwise Editor In chief will appoint the "Home Editor"
  2. Provide the List of paper titles, with author's names and abstracts and, also specify which Guest Editor will handle the peer review to bunch of papers
  3. Written proposal which must state the need for the proposed volume by:
    • Stating the advances provided by the papers in relation to existing knowledge
    • Novelty of the work
    • The common theme(s) that make the papers a coherent set.
  4. A proposed time schedule for:
    • Last date of submission of expected manuscripts
    • completion of the review and revision process (i.e. the date when all papers are accepted for publication
    • Final date of issue release
  5. Enlist the potential 5 articles in your proposed issue, reflecting the significance of the research and merits of the submission.

For further information, do contact us at info@sciworldpub.com

Article Processing Charges for a Special Issue

To compensate the expenses for processing a Special Issue in an open access journal we charge a publication processing fee. Science World Publication is offering very economical Article Processing Charges (APC) 1749$ for publishing in Special Issue which includes all processing charges, archiving, designing and promotional charges.

Science World Publication understand the financial stress of the community that majority of authors do not have funding resources, so appreciating their work we offer them substantial discounts. Special Issue Editors, Guest Editors and deserving authors can enjoy this discount offer.

Under following conditions, discounts are as follows:

Editors of a Special Issue waived off as full fee for the first submission of article but Editor must be the corresponding author of this article. For subsequent articles, Special Issue Editors are eligible for 25% discount on publication fees.

If Special Issue Editor refers any author, then article by that author will attract 30% discount on the publication fees. A Guest Editor acting as corresponding author can avail 20% discount.

Our aim is to publish quality and ethical work. We have been quite successful in overcoming economic barriers and building long term publication relations with authors.

To submit your Special Issue proposal, do contact us at: specialissue@sciworldpub.com

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