Peer Review Policies

Science World Publication works on high track, double-blind peer review process in which both the reviewer and author do not know each other’s identity. Journal keeps the reviewer's name hidden from the author and vice versa. Publisher assures that all submissions to anyone of the journal are double-blind peer reviewed. In case any associate member like Editor, Reviewer submit their article for publication, has to pass through the same double-blind peer review process.

Each article is sent to at least one external reviewer meanwhile journal’s editorial team also evaluate the article for technical parameters. The peer review process is as follows:

  • Screening

    At very first stage screening of article by the Editorial Office is made. This screening process includes the formatting style, length and scope of the article and plagiarism.

  • Initial Review

    In initial review process an Internal Editor takes the decision either to send it for external review or not. This decision held on by reviewing the novelty and quality of the article. If the article does not meet the quality standards it is rejected at this stage in conjunction with Editor Board member. The author will be informed of this decision with a brief note implying out the reason for rejection. If the article successfully passes through this stage, it is sent to external reviewer for review.

  • Second Review

    Reviewers are anticipated to respond within 15 to 20 days. Reviewer bound to submit a report must contain at least 350 words. If the reviewer is unable to complete a review within timeline the journal applies the following policy:

    • In case the reviewer is unable to submit a report within 7 days, another reviewer will be selected
    • In another case if a reviewer found to be incompetent to submit a report within aforesaid time, the Internal Editor decide that specialist Editor should provide his views and summary report along with the manuscript to Internal Editor.
  • Rejection/Revision

    Manuscript may be rejected if the Specialized Editor gives any negative view about the article. In some cases, article may be sent to author for revision or resubmission, if the editor finds author can reasonably improve the quality of the article according to the subjected guidelines provided by the Editorial Office.

  • Acceptance & Publication

    A revised manuscript is only reviewed by the Internal Editor or one of the referees. The journal aims to publish articles within 10 working days of acceptance.

Recommended Reviewers

Keeping in view the inventions in each field so rapidly, as part of submission process author will be asked to provide the names of peer reviewers who could be recommended to review your manuscript. Suggested reviewers must be skilled enough in their fields to provide an unbiased assessment of the manuscript. There should not be any conflict of interest when recommending a reviewer. For instance;

  • Submission details should not be shared with the reviewer previously.
  • The author and reviewer should not be teamed up recently.
  • It is restricted to nominate a reviewer from the same institute where the author belongs.

Note: Editors are not obliged to invite any recommended/opposed reviewers to assess your manuscript.

Retraction policy of articles:

The Journal follows the COPE guidelines for Retraction of articles: It can be found at following link:

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