Guideline to Authors

This guideline describes how to prepare and submit the article. Read this carefully if you have not formerly submitted an article to Science World Publication. Before submission, you should familiarize yourself with Science World Publication manuscript template and content by reading the journal guidelines.

  • Online Submission System

    Online submission of manuscript in Science World Journals is simple. Science World Publication journals use online submission system:

  • Manuscript Checklist

    Please Click here to download the checklist to inspect your manuscript.

  • Manuscript Preparation

    Manuscript length should not exceed from 16 pages. High value scientific articles, greater than the prescribed limit, can also be accepted in Science World Publication journals. In this exceptional case no additional fee will be charged. All submitted manuscripts must include the following components:

    1. Title
    2. List of authors, their affiliations and email addresses
    3. Abstract
    4. Keywords
    5. Introduction
    6. Main body
    7. Figures and Table (In clear format), if necessary
    8. Materials and Methods
    9. Results and discussion
    10. Conclusions
    11. Acknowledgments (optional)
    12. References

  • Format for Article Submission

    Before submission, must ensure that manuscript should be in Microsoft word 2000/2003(doc) or Microsoft word 2007/2010 (docx) format. Both prescribed formats are acceptable in all journals of Science World Publication. No other format is allowed.

  • Publication Presentation

    Science World Publication will publish; your article in the form of PDF and HTML, XML. You can pay attention to Science World Publication website to check the Online Version of your article.

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