Article Process Charges

Science World Publication is a self-supporting, International Organization, publishes open access, peer-reviewed articles in multiple scientific disciplines. Management of Science World Publication is only financed by the manuscript processing fees. Articles are processed at very reasonable processing charges. There are no manuscript submission charges. Charges are applicable only when article is accepted for publication. Following table shows the Article Processing Charges for the Journals:

Sr. Journal APC (USD) APC (EURO)
1 Journal of Research in Engineering and Technology $300 €268
2 Journal of Clinical Pharmacology and Medical Research $400 €358
3 Journal of Applied Sciences and Research $350 €313
4 Journal of Environmental and Geological Sciences $300 €268
5 Journal of Veterinary Studies and Animal Husbandry $350 €313
6 Journal of Computational Science and Information Technology $300 €268
7 Journal of Applied Bioinformatics and Biotechnology $350 €268
8 Journal of Nutritional Science and Food Technology $300 €313
9 Journal of Wildlife Sciences, Fisheries and Poultry Advancements $300 €268
10 Journal of Business Accounting and Financing $300 €268
11 Journal of Plant Sciences and Agriculture Technology 300$ €460
12 Journal of Social Science, Education and Humanities 308$ €268

Note: For low income-countries Article Processing Charges are waived or discounted case to case.
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